Soft dramatic body type

The Soft Dramatic Body Type Guide: How to Look and Feel Your Best Every Day

The Soft Dramatic Body Type Guide: How to Look and Feel Your Best Every Day

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The world of fashion and personal style is vast, diverse, and ever-evolving. Amidst this landscape, one method that has captivated the interest of fashion enthusiasts and stylists alike is the Kibbe Body Types system.

Developed by renowned stylist and image consultant David Kibbe, this groundbreaking approach to personal style offers a unique perspective on embracing one’s individuality and natural beauty.

In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of the Kibbe Soft Dramatic Body Type, exploring its distinctive characteristics, style guidelines, and inspiring examples to help you unleash your inner fashionista.

Characteristics of the Soft Dramatic Body Type

Physical Features

Bone structure

A Soft Dramatic woman possess a striking and angular bone structure, often characterized by sharp edges, elongated lines, and prominent facial features. Her broad shoulders and upper arms tend to have slightly rounded edges, while her limbs are typically long and tapered. The overall impression is one of refined elegance and undeniable presence.

Body shape

Soft Dramatic women have a unique combination of bold, dramatic lines and soft, sensual curves. Their body shape is often described as voluptuous or curvy, with a noticeable contrast between the bust, waist, and hips. 

This captivating blend of strength and sensuality makes the Kibbe Soft Dramatic body type truly unforgettable.

A skinny Soft Dramatic will likely have a striking and angular bone structure, elongated lines, and tapered limbs. They may also have prominent or chiseled facial features, such as high cheekbones, a strong jawline, and large, expressive eyes. Despite being slender, they might still possess a subtle curviness or softness in their silhouette, which adds a sensual and feminine touch to their appearance.

Facial features

The faces of Soft Dramatic individuals are a mesmerizing blend of sharp angles, sweeping lines, and delicate softness. 

They often have large, expressive eyes, full lips, and a strong, chiseled jawline, supported by their unique bone structure. Their facial features are inherently dramatic, yet softened by an air of sensuality and allure.

Personality Traits and Energy

Soft Dramatic individuals tend to exude an aura of sophistication, charisma, and passion. They are often drawn to artistic and creative pursuits, and their personal style reflects their innate desire for self-expression and emotional connection.

Their energy is a captivating mix of strength, sensuality, and vulnerability, making them truly magnetic personalities.

How to Know If You Are Soft Dramatic?

Determining your body type can be a transformative step in understanding and refining your personal style.

Among the various Kibbe body types, the Soft Dramatic stands out for its captivating blend of strength, sensuality, and sophistication.

If you suspect that you might be a Soft Dramatic, the following guide will help you identify key characteristics and traits to confirm your suspicions and unlock your full style potential.

Analyze Your Bone Structure

Kibbe Soft Dramatic individuals possess a striking and angular bone structure and fleshy cheeks that forms the foundation of their distinctive appearance. Look for these key features:

  • Sharp edges and elongated lines, such as a prominent or chiseled jawline and high cheekbones.
  • Slightly rounded and broad shoulders.
  • Long and tapered limbs, with hands and feet appearing elongated and narrow.

Evaluate Your Body Shape

The Soft Dramatic is characterized by a unique combination of bold bone structure, dramatic lines and soft, sensual curves. Assess your body shape for these characteristics:

  • A noticeable contrast between the bust, waist, and hips, creating a curvy or voluptuous silhouette.
  • A defined waistline, which may be narrow or slightly wider but still distinct in relation to the bust and hips.
  • A tendency to gain weight in the hips, thighs, and upper arms, giving the body a soft and feminine appearance.

Examine Your Facial Features

Soft Dramatic individuals have a mesmerizing blend of sharp angles long vertical lines and delicate softness in their facial features. Look for these distinctive traits:

  • Large, expressive eyes, often set deep or slightly downturned.
  • Full lips that may have a pronounced cupid’s bow.
  • A strong, chiseled jawline or chin, accompanied by high and angular cheekbones.

Reflect on Your Personality Traits and Energy

While physical characteristics are essential in determining your body type, it’s also helpful to consider your personality traits and energy. Kibbe Soft Dramatic individuals often exhibit these qualities:

  • A strong, charismatic presence that commands attention.
  • A natural affinity for artistic and creative pursuits.
  • A captivating mix of strength, sensuality, and vulnerability that makes them magnetic personalities.

Take the Kibbe Body Type Test

If you’re still unsure about your body type, consider taking the Kibbe Body Type Test. This comprehensive questionnaire, designed by David Kibbe himself, evaluates various aspects of your appearance and assigns a score to each response.

Once you’ve completed the test, tally your scores to determine which body type aligns with your characteristics and facial features. Remember that the test is a guide, and personal intuition and self-assessment are equally important in identifying your natural body type.

If your analysis aligns with the characteristics and traits of the Soft Dramatic, congratulations! You’re now equipped with valuable insight into your unique beauty and style.

Style Guidelines for Soft Dramatic Body Types



Soft Dramatic individuals look best in clothing that accentuates their striking bone structure and sensual curves. Opt for fitted, structured garments that create a strong, elongated line, such as tailored jackets, pencil skirts, and body-con dresses.

Embrace designs that emphasize the waist and hips, creating a dramatic contrast between the upper and lower body.


When it comes to fabrics, Kibbe Soft Dramatics should seek soft natural, materials that drape gracefully over their curves while still maintaining structure and definition.

Luxurious, heavyweight fabrics like satin, velvet, and brocade work with soft edges as well, as do lighter options like silk, chiffon, and crepe.

Avoid overly soft fabrics, and stiff or bulky materials, as they can detract from the body’s natural sensuality.

Colors and patterns

Bold, rich colors and eye-catching patterns are the perfect complement to the Soft Dramatic’s captivating presence. Embrace jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and ruby, as well as deep, saturated hues like burgundy, navy, and charcoal.

When it comes to patterns, opt for large, dramatic motifs that create visual interest and contrast. Think bold florals, bold geometric shapes and designs, and abstract prints.


Choose necklines that highlight the collarbone and décolletage while accentuating the strong bone structure. 

Deep V-necks, boat necks, off-the-shoulder styles, and asymmetrical necklines can be excellent choices. Avoid high, closed necklines, as they may not flatter the Soft Dramatic’s features.



Soft Dramatics should choose statement-making jewelry that reflects their bold, sophisticated style. Opt for large, eye-catching pieces like chandelier earrings, oversized cocktail rings, and layered necklaces that enhance your facial features.

Choose metals that have a warm slightly soft, luxurious glow, such as gold, rose gold, or bronze.


When selecting footwear, Kibbe Soft Dramatics should favor styles narrow heels that elongate the leg and add a touch of drama to their ensemble.

High heels, stiletto pumps, and strappy sandals are all excellent choices, as are sleek, pointed-toe flats for more casual occasions. Opt for shoes in rich, saturated colors or metallic finishes that complement your overall look.


Soft Dramatic individuals can elevate their outfits with statement bags that exude sophistication subtle elegance and glamour. Opt for structured, elegant designs like box clutches, top-handle bags, or sleek, oversized totes.

Choose materials and finishes that convey luxury and refinement, such as leather, suede, exotic textures, and animal prints like crocodile or python.

Hair and Makeup


The best hairstyles for Soft Dramatics are those that frame the face and highlight facial bones and their striking delicate bone structure throughout.

Opt for styles with volume and drama, such as long, cascading waves, sleek updos, or textured bobs. Avoid overly fussy or complicated styles, as they can detract from the natural allure and facial features.

Makeup Techniques and Colors

Soft Dramatic individuals can enhance their natural beauty with makeup techniques and colors that emphasize their unique features and soft edges.

Choose rich, saturated hues for the eyes, such as deep plum, emerald green, or smoky charcoal, and pair with bold, defined brows. Opt for a sultry, smoky eye or a precise, winged liner to add drama and intensity.

For the full lips, choose bold, statement-making colors like deep red, berry, or burgundy, and balance with a soft, glowing complexion. Don’t be afraid to experiment with highlighter and contouring to accentuate your facial bones.

Outfit Examples for Kibbe Soft Dramatic Body Types

  1. Elegant Evening Look:
  • A floor-length, form-fitting gown with a plunging neckline or daring slit to showcase the curves and elongated lines.
  • Choose luxurious fabrics like silk or satin to add a touch of glamour and sensuality.
  • Accessorize with statement earrings and a bold cuff bracelet to emphasize the striking bone structure.
  1. Sophisticated Work Attire:
  • A tailored blazer with strong, slightly rounded shoulders to complement the angular bone structure.
  • Pair the blazer with a high-waisted pencil skirt or wide-legged trousers emphasizing the waist and hips.
  • Opt for a silk blouse or a soft, draped top to add a touch of softness to the outfit.
  1. Casual Chic Ensemble:
  • A wrap dress or an A-line dress with a cinched waist to highlight the curvy silhouette.
  • Choose dresses with bold patterns or color blocking to play up the dramatic element.
  • Pair the dress with heeled sandals or ankle boots to elongate the legs further.
  1. Bold and Stylish Day Look:
  • High-waisted, wide-legged trousers or palazzo pants to showcase the long lines and create a strong silhouette.
  • A fitted or draped blouse tucked into the pants to emphasize the waistline and add softness.
  • A statement belt or a wide waistband to accentuate the waist and create a dramatic focal point.
  1. Glamorous Night-Out Outfit:
  • A fitted jumpsuit with a deep V-neckline or off-the-shoulder style to accentuate the curves and elongated lines.
  • Look for jumpsuits with dramatic details, such as ruffles or strong shoulder accents.
  • Complete the look with bold, statement-making accessories, like oversized earrings or a chunky necklace.

When styling outfits for Soft Dramatic body types, it’s essential to consider the balance between bold, angular elements and softer, sensual touches. By incorporating these aspects into their wardrobe, Soft Dramatics can enhance their natural beauty and create a striking, unforgettable style.

Tips for Embracing the Soft Dramatic Style

Wardrobe Essentials

Building a wardrobe that celebrates the Soft Dramatic woman essence begins with a few key essentials. Invest in tailored blazers, fitted pencil skirts, and body-con dresses that accentuate your curves and elongate your silhouette.

Stock up on luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, and satin, and incorporate statement-making accessories like bold jewelry, structured bags, and high-heeled shoes.

Styling Tips for Various Occasions

No matter the occasion, Soft Dramatics can adapt their style to suit their needs. For professional settings, opt for structured suits, tailored blouses, and sleek pencil skirts in rich, saturated colors.

For casual outings, choose fitted jeans, draped tops, and statement-making accessories. For formal events, embrace dramatic gowns, luxurious fabrics, and eye-catching details that showcase your captivating presence.

Iconic Soft Dramatic Celebrities

Historical Figures

Throughout history, several iconic figures have embodied the Soft Dramatic body type, including the sultry and sophisticated actresses Sophia Loren and Ava Gardner. Their undeniable presence, both on and off the screen, has made them enduring symbols of glamour and allure.

Modern-Day Examples

Today, numerous celebrities continue to showcase the captivating beauty of the Soft Dramatic body type. Stars like Priyanka Chopra, Angelina Jolie, and Monica Bellucci epitomize the blend of strength, sensuality, and sophistication that defines the Kibbe Soft Dramatic style.


The Kibbe Soft Dramatic body type is a captivating blend of strength, sensuality, and sophistication. By understanding and embracing their unique characteristics, individuals with this body type can unlock their full style potential and confidently express their true essence through fashion.

With the right guidance and inspiration, a Soft Dramatic woman can transform her wardrobe and personal style, creating a lasting impression that is both enchanting and unforgettable.