The Complete Guide To The Stylebook App: How To Use (+ Tips and Tricks)

The Complete Guide To The Stylebook App: How To Use (+ Tips and Tricks)

We’ve all been there, we are running late, and we need to get ready fast! But what do I wear? What goes together? How do I know if it looks good enough? If only there were an app that could help me with this!

The Stylebook app can help you plan your outfits for the day, week, or month. It will let you create a digital wardrobe by saving photos of your clothing and accessories, then tell you which clothes go well together and how they should be combined into exciting outfits. 

Stylebook will also give insights about each piece of clothing so that you can make sure they are worth keeping in your wardrobe. And when it’s time to buy new clothes, you can refer to your Inspiration or Shop sections, which you carefully curated over time.

This article will show you how to use Stylebook to get the most out of it. Ready?

What is Stylebook?

Stylebook is an application for closet management. Stylebook can help you organize your actual closet virtually, create magazine-like outfits with the clothes you own, gain insights on your wardrobe, plan what you wear in the calendar and cultivate your style.

How much does the stylebook app cost? 

Stylebook is a one-time charge of $3.99.

What devices is Stylebook available for? 

Stylebook is only available for iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad.

Download Stylebook.

How does the Stylebook app work?

I will create a digital wardrobe with some favorite pieces in my closet to show you how the app works. We will go through each feature in detail, and I’ll provide some tips and tricks when needed.

stylebook app
In the Home you will see all features of the app.


I recommend you start in the Closet. The first time you use the app, you will see some categories are pre-created; you can edit them to make sense for your wardrobe. Once you’re happy with the categories, you can start adding your clothes to each one of them.

To add an item, go to a category and click on the plus sign at the top right corner of the screen. You will see several options on how to add your item. Let’s go over each of them, so you know what is more convenient for you.

stylebook app
To add new Clothing to your Closet, go to a category and click on the plus icon. You can also click the plus icon from Home.

stylebook app
You have several options to add new Clothing to the Closet.

Take photo

Taking a picture of your clothing is the most straightforward option (but it may not be the fastest). Once you select it, the camera will open, and you can photograph your item.

Take multiple photos

Same as above, but the camera will keep opening every time you add a new item; this could make taking pictures a little faster. 

Choose from album

It is my personal favorite and the easiest way to add your clothes and accessories. As the name suggests, you can upload images from your camera roll.

Pro tip: Instead of taking pictures of your clothes, I recommend taking screenshots of the products from the websites where you purchased them. The website photos are professional; therefore, your items will look nicer! And it’s also faster than taking pictures.

Import from Web (Clipper tool)

This option allows you to apply my suggestion from above in an automated way. You just need to enter the product URL, then tap “+ Clip” and the right top corner, tap the picture you’d like to save, and then tap “Import.”

stylebook app
Once you’re in the product page, click on “+ Clip”.
stylebook app
Select the image you want to save to your Closet.
stylebook app
Click on “Import” to add it to your Closet.

Photo Editor and background remover

Regardless of the method, after you upload a photo, you’ll see a simple editor where you can adjust it to remove the background, change the orientation, or crop it. If the background remover was not that effective, you can go to “Manual Edit” and manually remove the background.

In the editor, you’ll also find a section to enter the details of your item, such as color, fabric, season, etc. I recommend you do enter those details to have better statistics on your wardrobe. 

You can edit or delete any item after you saved it just by tapping on it. You can also move it from a category, add it to the calendar or share it by tapping it.

stylebook app
On the right you can enter the details of the item. On the left, you can open the manual editor.
stylebook app
This is how the manual editor looks, I was able to remove the background from the bag holder.
stylebook app
Enter the details of the item.


The Looks section is where you can put your outfits together. The first time you use the app, you’ll see some categories here, such as Day, Work, Evening, etc., which are customizable. You can edit them to what makes sense for your lifestyle. Each one of these can work as a capsule. 

To add looks, tap into any of the categories, then you’ll see two options at the top right corner

stylebook app
The left icon will open the Outfit Shuffle. The right icon will let you add a look manually.

Outfit Shuffle

You’ll distinguish it because it has a shuffle symbol. If you select that, you’ll be prompted with the Outfit Shuffle feature, which lets you choose from 3 to 8 categories, and it will randomly mix items from those categories, which is great to generate new outfit ideas!

Once you select the categories you want to mix and match, click on “Shuffle” and the app will show you ten possible combinations. If you like any of those, just click on it, and a look will be created.

stylebook app
Here I chose 4 categories to randomly mix together.
stylebook app
After pressing Shuffle, this is the result. Now I can select which look to save.

Manually create a new look

To manually create a look, just tap the plus sign; then, you’ll get a blank canvas in where you can add items. Click on “+ Clothing” or “+ Inspiration” to select and add pieces.

Another way to create Looks is from an item in the Closet directly. Just tap the clothing, and you’ll see the Outfit Shuffle and the “Add to Look” options at the top right corner. If you choose the Outfit Shuffle, the app will suggest ten ways to combine that specific piece! 

stylebook app
From an item in the Closet, click on any of the icons to create a look with it.
stylebook app
I selected the Outfit Shuffle and I got different combinations for this skirt.

After you have some items for the look added to the canvas, you can move them around and adjust their size to create a nice look collage-style outfit. To remove an item from the look, just double-tap it. By double-tapping on any item, you’ll see more options such as manual resize, send-to-back, see clothing details, etc.

Below the canvas, you’ll see an option to enter the details of the look. There you can optionally add notes and tags and select the season. The app will automatically add how many times you have worn that specific outfit if you added it to the calendar. 

Once the look is ready, just click “Save,” and that’s it!

stylebook app
This is how the canvas editor looks. You can fill in the details by clicking on the icon below.
stylebook app
This is how the details page looks. The worn days will be updated by the app.


The inspiration section works just like the Closet, but it’s meant to store pieces or outfits that you find in Blogs, Social Media, Runway, etc.

As well as in the Closet, you can customize the categories and add items to them by clicking on the plus sign. The methods to upload are the same as in the Closet.


The calendar feature helps plan your outfits. When you add clothing or looks to the calendar, the app will log them to show how much you wear those specific items. 

If you click on any of the days, you’ll see the option to add a Look or Clothing. You can add more than one Look or Clothing per day by clicking again on the same day. 

stylebook app
This is how the calendar looks once you add some looks to it. You can see some quick statistics here as well.

To remove things from the calendar, tap the day and click “Edit” on the top right corner; the Edit option will also let you copy or move the outfit to another day. Another option to edit is by tapping on the Look or Clothing, then you can also delete, copy or move it to another day.

stylebook app
Click on “Edit” to delete, copy or move a look from the day.
stylebook app
You can find the same editing options if you click on a specific look.


The Packing is one of my favorite features. If you’re a travel lover, it will become a favorite too!

You can create packing lists based on your Looks or Clothing. To create a new list, just tap “+ Packing List,” give it a name and click on Save.

Then you can edit the details of the list: 

  • You can optionally add a cover photo, which is nice to get excited about your travel.
  • Add Clothing, Looks, or Text Items. The text items are written entries for packing items inside the app, like electronics or toiletries.
  • Add notes and tags to describe the packing list, like destination, occasion, climate, etc.
stylebook app
This is the packing list once you create it. You can add new items in the contents section or from the links below.
stylebook app
When you add new Clothing or Looks, you can select all at once.

Once you have added everything to your list, go to Start Packing, and you’ll see a list of all the items you need to pack. You can then tick the items and store them in your luggage. This way you’ll never forget anything again!

stylebook app
Once you are done adding Clothing and Looks, you can go to “Start Packing”
stylebook app
“Start Packing” will open a packing checklist to tick each item that has been packed.

If you’d like to do the same process on paper, you can generate a “Printable Checklist.” If you want to outline your outfits and items, you can get a “Shareable Infographic,” too.

stylebook app
If you prefer pen and paper, you can print a Packing List as well.

If you want more tips on how to effectively pack for travel with the stylebook app, check out our article!

Style Stats

For the style stats to be meaningful, make sure to add as many details about your clothing as possible. Once you use the app for a while, this section will make more sense because it will have more data collected about what you wear daily, so try to log your outfits as much as possible by adding them to the calendar.

This section is for your exploration. It gives you helpful information, for example:

  • Your number of items and the total value of your closet (if you added prices to the clothing)
  • Your colors breakdown
  • Your worn items history, showing your top pieces of clothing and the least worn.
  • Cost per wear (super interesting!)

At the bottom of this section, you can filter your closet by specific parameters like color, season, or brand; this allows you to see, for example, all of your white clothing or all of your summer clothing.

With these insights, you can truly become an expert on your wardrobe! It will never be a messy, mysterious place anymore. 


The Shop feature’s primary purpose is to let you create a wish list with items from your favorite websites. There are three main sections inside the Shopping tab:

Clipper tool

As described in the Closet section above, the Clipper lets you enter a URL to save images and add them directly to your Closet or Wish List. You just need to enter the product URL, then tap “+ Clip” and the right top corner, tap the picture you’d like to save, select the category and then tap “Import.” If you just want to add the clothing to the Wish List, tap the star icon once you’re on the product page

stylebook app
The clipper tool works the same as I explained above in the Closet section.


You can keep the URLs of your favorite shopping brands in this section; to add a new Bookmark, go to the Add Bookmark section and enter the URL and the store’s name. You can also add bookmarks from the Clipper tool by tapping the star icon once you’re on a website. 

stylebook app
You can add bookmarks for your favorite stores.


As the name suggests, this is where you can add the items you have in mind for shopping.

stylebook app
When you see something you like, click on the star and then “Save to Wish List”

Style Expert

The Style Expert feature of Stylebook is a compilation of tips and tricks from style experts. In this section, you can find style guides, Q&As with experts, closet organization tips, and a lot more! Feel free to explore this section, as it can point you to the best style advice out there.

Wifi Accept

If you have more than one iOS device, like an iPhone and iPad, you can share your Clothing, Looks, and Inspiration between them. Follow these steps to sync your data between devices:

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi.
  • On the receiver device, go to Wifi Accept and click on “Start Accepting.”
  • On the sender device, go to the Clothing or Looks you want to share. You can select as many items as you want to share at once. If you’re sharing Clothing, I suggest you choose only the items of a particular category at a time.
  • Once you selected the items to share, tap the share button and then “Share over Wifi.”
  • Accept the items in the receiver device and select where you want to store them.

As you can see, it’s super easy to share data between devices!

stylebook app
On the receiver device click on “Start Accepting”
stylebook app
On the sender device, select the items, click on the sharing icon and then “Share over WiFi”
stylebook app
On the receiver device, accept the incoming items.

Is the Stylebook app worth it?

Yes, in my opinion, the Stylebook app is worth it. Although the app isn’t free, it provides superior valuable functionality to both novice and advanced users. The features list is impressive, and the user experience has been perfected over the years.

It takes a bit of time to digitise all or your most important clothing and accessories, but it has to be done only once, and everything else like creating packing lists, planning in the calendar, and analysing your wardrobe will just take you few minutes.

For the price of a coffee, Stylebook will save you time, money and help give your clothes personal style to make you look good and feel great about yourself in any situation!

Stylebook app alternatives

There are many existing wardrobe planning apps, but only a few are as advanced as Stylebook. If you want to see an extensive list of alternatives to Stylebook, check out our article about the best outfit planning apps to make your life easier.

Stylebook vs. Smart Closet

One of the main differences between Stylebook and Smart Closet is that Stylebook is only available for iOS devices; meanwhile, Smart Closet can be used on iOS, Android, and the web.

The next thing to note is that Smart Closet is a social media-style app where you have a profile, post outfits, have followers, and see other people’s outfits in an Instagram-like feed. Meanwhile, Stylebook is only focused on closet management, and it excels at it!

So, if you enjoy the community aspect and sharing with like-minded people, definitely check out Smart Closet. Otherwise, stay with Stylebook if you’d like to focus on managing your own style and wardrobe.

Stylebook vs. Cladwell

One of the key differences between Stylebook and Cladwell is that Stylebook can only be used on iOS; meanwhile, Cladwell is also available for Android!

The second big difference is that Stylebook is a one-time payment app and Cladwell requires a subscription.

Cladwell concept is centered around building capsule wardrobes; hence, if that’s something you believe in and goes with your lifestyle, Cladwell is the app for you. It’s also highly focused on helping you find your style and improving it over time, as well as saving you time every day by offering outfit recommendations based on your current weather. We have a complete guide to Cladwell, which is worth checking out!

On the other hand, Stylebook excels at features like the packing lists and the calendar, making it perfect for planning outfits!

Final thoughts

I hope Stylebook will become your best ally to get to know your closet. After some time using Stylebook, you may become an expert in your clothes and more confident when deciding what to wear every day! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.