What Is The Minimalist Style? Our Best Dressing Tips For Minimalist Outfits

What Is The Minimalist Style? Our Best Dressing Tips For Minimalist Outfits

Let’s just say it; the fashion sphere is extremely multifacet. All you have to do is have a quick glimpse at the 20+ different types of fashion styles you can wear in 2022 to truly understand the sartorial variety. On the one hand, we have Y2k fashion, a celebration of bold and vibrant maximalism. On the other hand, we have the minimalist dressing style that loudly rejects the uproar of clashing colors and print overload. Minimalist outfits have lasting power which remains unfazed by the fads.

But it’s no secret that behind the carefully curated monochromatic wardrobes and effortlessly chic aesthetic lies an underlying pledge to environmental friendliness. While some minimalist dressing aficionados love subtle hues and wear-me-everywhere ensembles, most embrace minimalism to reinforce their budgetary, ethical, and sustainability pledges. 

What is the minimalist style?

Consider minimalist styles as a curated collection of utterly versatile, seasonless staples that can easily be mixed and matched to create super-sleek everyday ensembles. To put it simply, minimalist outfits are all about neutral colors, clean lines, non-existent distractions, and little to no clutter, which results in an oh-so-chic calm vibe. It’s this exact somber simplicity that makes each staple versatile enough to work in multiple settings.

Where did the minimalist dressing trend come from?

As they say, art is the birth of everything, so it’s no surprise that minimalism emerged in the 1950s thanks to artists such as Frank Stella. Nonetheless, the term was first used in the early 20th century to describe a 1915 composition by the Russian painter Kasimir Malevich called Black Square. It didn’t take long for this rephrasing simplicity to bleen into what’s now known as minimalist outfits.

In fact, we can partially blame its rise on the first-ever minimalist fashions in the late 80s, including Japanese designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo. Since then, many celebs and non-celebs alike have adopted minimalist dressing by creating an infinitely adaptable and timeless backbone of basics in their wardrobes with sharp-edged apparel. 

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what the minimalist style is, let’s go over some tried-and-true staples of minimalist outfits.

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How to master the minimalist style in 2022?


Surprising-to-no-one, minimalist dressing heavily relies on tailored basics that seamlessly fit into every sartorial scenario. Structured blazers and high-waisted relaxed tailored trousers are a must. These season-defying staples come in various colors ranging from tan and beige to all-black. However, it’s important to find the correct shapes and fit to complement your own body while staying true to the feminine-meets-masculine aesthetic. 


The last thing we want is to create a vestiary snooze-fest. That’s exactly where elegant textures come in to save the day. Some great ideas are faux fur elements, sheer panels, the old-time-classic cable-knit, silk, lace, or even ruffles. 


Minimalism doesn’t always equal monochromatic. On the contrary, you can play around with different pastels or neutral hues to create a fresh, sleek look regardless of the season. Try wearing clothes in shades like tan, beige and brown or fuchsia, and light pink to give your simplistic look an extra oomph.

Minimalist style staples


What is the minimalist style if not the absence of noise? Don’t overcomplicate your lewks! Leather basics in the form of trousers, sultry minis, and blazers deserve a place in your rotation. Often styled with turtlenecks, cropped t-shirts, and chinky sweaters, these basics will forever be in, no matter the current trends.

Crisp white button-up shirts

Layerable white button-up shirts are the genesis of every off and on-duty minimalist style outfit. There are plenty of sustainable fashion brands perfect for work and leisure that use premium materials to create versatile office-style staples. Some prefer them oversized, while others stick to perfectly-fitted silhouettes. Either way, all you need is a pair of jeans and your trusted ankle boots to create the ultimate minimalist outfit. 


Minimalist leather sandals and loafers are the quintessential footwear for every minimalist outfit. Often adorned with subtle gold detailing and even unexpected textures, these shoes are perfect for the office and for all your future city strolls. Lug some loafers are all the rage right now, but you can always opt for a pair of square-toe booties to combat the chilly days of winter in style. 

Chunky oversized knit

Again, what is the minimalist style without at least a few universally-flattering oversized knits? Simple yet powerfully sophisticated, knits come with infinite layering possibilities. Layer them under oversized blazers, or wear them on their own with a pair of neutral-colored wool trousers – so chic.


Apart from being so darn comfortable, denim trousers and jackets go with everything. From loose-fit jeans with crop tops and skinny jeans with camis to the coveted relaxed fit and blazer combo, the options are all in your favor. The minimalist dressing also allows us to opt for the ultimate denim-on-denim looks — often paired with long trench coats and chinky sweaters like true fashion week goers.

Delicate gold jewelry

Chains with unique shapes, subtle hood earrings, stackable rings, rows of charm-adorned necklaces, pearls, and studs— the universal minimalist dressing alchemy for your pared-down aesthetic. Time to sharpen your stacking and layering skills to subtly enhance your look.

Bonus: Embrace sustainability

As we mentioned, minimalist outfits have a deeper meaning. As fashion experts put it, it’s about “having a minimal amount of clothes in your wardrobe that feels right and brings joy.” This specific aesthetic focuses on encouraging us to buy less, which is better for the environment, as well as keep our trusted staples for as long as possible. By building a capsule wardrobe with easy-to-style looks, you’ll never feel as though you have ‘nothing to wear, all while being more sustainable with your sartorial purchases. 

Remember, minimalist dressing is all about having a healthy rotation of wearable looks that co-exist in harmony despite the current trends. Minimalist outfits are inherently chic and sophisticated but, most importantly, versatile. From the office to brunch with friends and afternoon drinks with that special someone, we can’t help but admire their s awe-inspiring adaptability!