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The Cladwell App Full Guide: How To Use (+ Tips and Tricks)

The Cladwell App Full Guide: How To Use (+ Tips and Tricks)

Getting dressed in the morning can sometimes be challenging. You have to think of an outfit that matches your mood, feels good on you, and makes you look great.

Have you heard of the Cladwell app? It’s a virtual closet that curates your wardrobe to create outfits. The app will suggest what clothes go together, and it takes all the hard work out of getting dressed. Cladwell makes it easy to get dressed by giving you outfit suggestions based on the weather and location, which can potentially save you 30 minutes every day!

This blog post will review the app features in detail and tell you all you need to know about Cladwell.

What is Cladwell?

Cladwell is an app that makes it easy to build capsule wardrobes and track your outfits, so they’re always at hand when needed. It’s like having a personal stylist in your pocket!

How much does the Cladwell app cost?

The Cladwell app is free to download, and you can try it for seven days without cost. After the seven-day trial period, you need a subscription to keep using it. 

When writing this article, there’s a monthly and an annual subscription of $4.99/month and $4.17/month, respectively. For the most updated pricing information, please refer to the Cladwell website.

What devices is the Cladwell app available for?

The Cladwell app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download the app by clicking on the following links:

Download Cladwell for iOS.

Download Cladwell for Android.

How does the Cladwell app work?

The Cladwell app is very intuitive. Nevertheless, let me guide you through the main features you should be aware of.


I suggest you start at the closet tab to begin creating your digital wardrobe, as you will need to have some pieces to create a capsule wardrobe later on.

Go to the closet tab and click on the plus sign to start adding items. You have two options to add an item to the closet: Choose from the pre-loaded items, or create a custom one by uploading a picture of your actual clothes.

Cladwell app
You can find the closet tab on the lower left side, and the plus sign to add items on the upper right side of the screen.

Choose from existing clothing.

Cladwell has a very extensive catalog of pieces that you can select from. You can use this option to find items very similar to those you already own or things you plan to shop for. You can even use the catalog as inspiration.

It’s straightforward to add pieces this way. You just need to select the type of clothing you want and possibly use the filters to find it quickly. Once you see the perfect item, click on it and press DONE. That’s all, now the item is added to your wardrobe. You can edit the details of the piece by selecting it from your closet.

Cladwell app
You can find the filters at the top of the screen. It’s possible to select multiple ones to narrow your search.

Add a custom item.

If you want to have a digital version of your wardrobe, you can upload your items by tapping on ADD CUSTOM ITEM. Then, you can take a photo or select it from your album. Once you upload the image, you will be able to remove its background for a cleaner look.

Pro tip: Instead of taking pictures of your clothes, I recommend taking screenshots of the products from the websites where you purchased them. The website photos are professional; therefore, your items will look nicer! And it’s also faster than taking pictures.

Once you’re happy with the picture, click on SAVE PHOTO. Then you will be able to enter some details about the piece, such as the type, category, color, etc. It’s essential to fill in as many details as possible to have better insights into your wardrobe. Once ready, click on DONE, and that’s all.

Cladwell app
Once you upload your picture, make sure to tap on REMOVE BACKGROUND for a cleaner look.
Cladwell app
Fill out as many details as possible about your item if it’s a custom one.


Cladwell focuses on capsule wardrobes, and that’s the main difference between this and similar apps. To create a new capsule, you can go to the closet or the outfits tab and select the current capsule at the top center of the app. If you haven’t created any capsules, only the CLOSET one will show. 

Tap on NEW CAPSULE and enter a name, for example, “Trip to Spain” or anything you’d like. 

Cladwell app
You can find your current capsule and switch between capsules at the top center of the screen.

You can also clone, delete or modify the name of the capsule using the buttons next to it.

To add clothes to the new capsule, go to the closet tab if you’re not already there (make sure your new capsule is selected at the top center) and tap on the plus sign. You can add existing items from your closet or new ones.

Cladwell app
By tapping on your current capsule you can find the option to add a new one and also to edit existing ones.
Cladwell app
To add items to a capsule, make sure it’s selected and tap the plus sign.


The outfits section of the app is where you get your daily outfit ideas. You can select a specific capsule at the top center. Then, you’ll have two options to log your outfits: automatic recommendations or build your look manually.

Outfit recommendations.

Once you have your closet created (and probably some capsules as well), the app will recommend your outfits based on the current weather of your location.

You can swipe through the recommendations, and if you want to select one of them to wear, click on CHOOSE OUTFIT to log it. Logging your outfit is essential because it will allow Cladwell to know what clothing you’re using and give you better statistics. 

To add an outfit to a list, for example, Favorites, click on the heart icon and select the list you want to save it to.

If you would like to have more lists of outfits apart from the automatically created Favorites, then click on the pencil icon to create a new list. Now you can select between different lists every time you tap the heart icon. 

To see all the outfits in a list, tap the tags at the top.

Cladwell app
Create and edit lists by tapping on the pencil icon. To add items to the list, tap the heart icon.
Cladwell app
To go to a list, just tap the name tag at the top of the screen.

Build an outfit.

You can create outfits manually by tapping on the plus sign. You just need to select an item from your closet or capsule for every category, like the top, bottom, shoes, etc., and the outfit will be automatically logged once you tap CHOOSE OUTFIT.

Cladwell app
Once you click the plus sign, you’ll see this screen to create your outfit.
Cladwell app
When you add all the elements and click CHOOSE OUTFIT, you’ll see it got logged.

In this section, you can also find outfits that use a specific piece of clothing. Just select the item you’re interested in, and tap SEE OUTFITS. This option is helpful if you want to wear a particular item but don’t know how to match it.

Cladwell app
If you select only one piece, tap SEE OUTFITS for possible combinations.
Cladwell app
You can then scroll through the outfits the app suggests using the item you selected.

Shopping list

Cladwell has a tab where you can create your shopping lists, which is super helpful. 

To add a new item to the shopping list, just click on the plus sign and give it a name, for example, “Little black dress.” You also add notes to the item if you wish. 

Then select your newly created item and add a picture to it by tapping CHOOSE ITEM. You’ll be able to browse Cladwell’s catalog and also add a custom item. The first option is helpful if you have a vague idea of what you want, and you just want a reference picture of your item. 

For example, I knew I wanted a little black dress, so I used the filters to find something similar to what I had in mind. On the other hand, you might know what you’re looking for, so you can upload a picture of it using the option to add a custom item.

You can add any item in your shopping list to a capsule or modify it by tapping it and using the buttons above it. 

Cladwell app
You can add shopping lists in the shopping lists tab at the bottom left.
Cladwell app
Fill out the name and some optional notes. Then select a picture for your item.

Once you add your item, tap on SEE OUTFIT POSSIBILITIES, and Cladwell will suggest pieces from your closet that can match the piece you want to shop, which is super helpful, in my opinion. No more shopping for things you cannot even match with your current wardrobe!

Cladwell app
The app will suggest outfit possibilities using the item in your wish list.

Style Analytics

The style analytics section is where things get interesting! Having stats is one of the most important reasons to use a closet management app because looking at your data will allow you to make better shopping decisions and possibly decrease your costs. 

In this section, you can see the following:

  • The percentage of clothes in your closet you wear allows you to decide more easily which items you should get rid of. Also, you can see which pieces might not go with your lifestyle.
  • The breakdown of your colors, patterns, sleeve styles, etc., so you know if you have a lot of a particular thing. I like that this is separated by what you own and what you wear. For example, I learned that I own some red stuff, but I rarely wear red; therefore, I should probably not buy more red items.
  • The breakdown of your item categories, which I find helpful to see whether I have a good balance of tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.
Cladwell app
This is how the analytics page looks like. Sleek!

Is the Cladwell app worth it?

If you take your closet and your style seriously, then yes, the Cladwell app is worth it! Also, if you’re inclined to building capsules of your clothing for different times of the year or occasions, this is the app for you because it makes it very easy to work with capsules.

Cladwell can save time in your day with its outfit suggestions, and the analytics will give you eye-opening insights. You might also feel a lot more confident with your shopping decisions if you take a data-driven approach. In that sense, the return on investment is worth it.

Cladwell app alternatives

There are several existing alternatives to Cladwell. If you want to see an extensive list of alternatives (some of them are free), check out our article about the best outfit planning apps.

Cladwell vs. Stylebook

One of the key differences between Stylebook and Cladwell is that Stylebook can only be used on iOS; meanwhile, Cladwell is also available for Android! The second big difference is that Stylebook is a one-time payment app and Cladwell requires a subscription.

Cladwell concept is centered around building capsule wardrobes; hence, if that’s something you believe in and goes with your lifestyle, Cladwell is the app for you. It’s also highly focused on helping you find your style and improving it over time.

On the other hand, Stylebook excels at features like the packing lists and the calendar, making it perfect for planning outfits! Check out our complete guide to Stylebook to find out more great features about it.

Cladwell vs. Smart Closet

Both Cladwell and Smart Closet are available for iOS and Android devices, but Cladwell is a subscription-based app meanwhile Smart Closet requires a one-time payment.

The next thing to note is that Smart Closet is a social media-style app where you have a profile, post outfits, have followers, and see other people’s outfits in an Instagram-like feed. In Cladwell you don’t have any of that, but you can focus on improving your own style and building capsule wardrobes that work for your lifestyle.

So, if you enjoy the community aspect and sharing with like-minded people, definitely check out Smart Closet.

Final thoughts

Cladwell is the ultimate time-saver for busy people who need to look sharp. It has saved me at least 15 minutes per day, and I’ve also felt less self-conscious about my shopping decisions since they are data-driven now! What do you think? Give it a try with your next outfit decision or two. You might be surprised by what you learn from all that insightful analytics.