6 Korean Sustainable Brands That Deserve a Place In Your Ethical Closet

6 Korean Sustainable Brands That Deserve a Place In Your Ethical Closet

By now, your seasonal sartorial checklist is probably already in the making – and it should include a few splurge-worthy options from the best sustainable clothing brands from Korea. These ethical fashion brands thrive on creating utterly unique ensembles wrapped in eco-friendly practices to minimize fashion’s environmental impact.  

Whether you are a pro or a newbie to the ethical shopping game, one thing is sure. Our choices matter! In a world where the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter (right after the oil industry), we all need to start being a bit more mindful with our style experiments. You see, the average consumer throws away 31.75 kilos (or 70 pounds) of garments every single year, a statistic we definitely don’t want to take part in. It’s time to let ethical manufacturing practices take the lead.

Below are the best Korean sustainable brands that promise to be your best green ally this season and beyond.



Danha is on a mission to craft modern versions of traditional Korean clothing drenched in pastels and whimsical prints that certainly don’t go unnoticed.

Danha is one of the most inspiring Korean sustainable brands thanks to the use of organic and recycled fabrics, upcycles fabric offcuts. The brand focuses on the traditional flat-cut method to reduce fabric waste as much as possible.

One of the industry’s biggest issues is overproduction. Did you know that currently, fast fashion brands produce about 52 “micro-seasons” a year? Imagine how many pre-made garments and how many of them end up in landfills. That’s why Danha makes collections in small batches and offers made-to-measure clothing. Every order is shipping in a non-adhesive prefabricated box without taping!

Ki Lee


When it comes to the best sustainable clothing brands from Korea, Ki Lee’s ethical fashion collections indeed reign supreme. The Seoul-based company thrives on creating futuristic designs crafted from innovative sustainable materials such as mulberry-fiber leather developed by local independent textile manufacturers.

Ki Lee’s designs take on influences from SCI-FI imagery, resulting in multiple styles soaked in the designer’s unique creative touch. From the perfect blend of paper-making tradition with innovative textile technology to handbags inspired by the Korean traditional children’s talisman, Goebulnorigae, the list goes on and on.

Ki Lee’s business model and philosophy prioritize waste management and ethical made-to-order product development. 

Not Ours


Not Ours is hailed as one of the top Korean sustainable fashion brands thanks to its ethical manufacturing. Every collection is 100% vegan and PVC free.

Instead of flooding the market with new styles each month, they focus on crafting high-quality designs made to last. In the words of the founder, Park Jin-young, “This is the brand we started because we needed it ourselves.”

Their eco-conscious collections run the gamut from tops, bottoms, and outwear to handbags and accessories lovingly crafted from 100% recycled fabrics, cactus leather, organic, and Pima air cotton. Whether you are interested in utterly chic fleece jackets, street style-approved hoodies, unique maxi zip-up dresses, and, of course, stylish bags, this ethical brand from Korea has you covered.

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Parts Parts


Parts Parts’ commitment to zero waste is not the only reason they are touted as one of the most prominent Korean sustainable brands. Simple yet absolutely stylish, their ethical designs belong in your all-year-round rotation.

Clean, versatile silhouettes, healthy doses of neutral and look-at-me-know colors, and innovative materials that don’t harm the environment and all its inhabitants – what more can you ask? 

Did you know that an estimated 92 million tons of textile waste are created annually from the fashion industry? The brand introduced a new neoprene material packed with Patspatz, a unique technology that minimizes waste. Are you on the lookout for ethical officewear? How about slim, easy airless pants and an H shawl collar jacket? The options are definitely in your favor.



Continew is another fantastic addition to our sustainable clothing brands from Korea. Their ethical fashion collections heavily rely on upcycling.

From bags and shoes to accessories and even natural leather seats, seat belts, and airbags for cars, the brand has everything our green lifestyle needs. Their leather products are crafted from natural cowhide resistant to friction, humidity, and temperature. Additionally, they recycle marine waste nets and plastic bottles from the Jeju sea, giving them a brand new life.

Continew also offers repair services to help customers maximize the lifespan of their products. No, that’s not all. 100% of Continew’s electric energy is self-generated through photovoltaic power generation. They also have a hybrid water regeneration system that collects rainwater for washing. The discarded water is then filtered and used again as washing water.



Youthful, vibrant, and totally uplifting, Pleatsmama is definitely amongst the top zero-waste Korean sustainable fashion brands of 2022. They focus on recycling plastic waste from landfills and create coveted eco-bags every fashion-savvy gal will love.

What’s even more astonishing? The threads of these bags are crafted from 16 different 500-milliliter plastic bottles. Think Recycled polyester yarn from post-consumer wastes, Recycled spandex, OBP as well as yarn made of chips from abandoned clothes. Who would have thought that plastic waste could look so freakin’ stylish? Think checkerboards, polka dots and gradient-style bags, and more.

They also pattened their Pleatsmama knit bag for its original pleats and excellent resilience. Impressive!

Luckily in 2022, we have a slew of sustainable clothing brands from Korea at our disposal. From exceptionally-made basics and oh-so-unique accessories to work-appropriate clothing and beyond, the aforementioned Korean sustainable brands have all our vestiary needs covered.