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Smart Closet App Essential Tutorial: How To Use (+ Tips and Tricks)

Smart Closet App Essential Tutorial: How To Use (+ Tips and Tricks)

Do you ever wonder what to wear? The Smart Closet app lets you create a virtual wardrobe made of your clothes. You can also create lookbooks and share them with the community, get inspiration for your next shopping trip, or just find out how many outfits you have in your closet. It’s like having an entire team of stylists at your fingertips.

You’ll never have to worry about not knowing what to wear again. With the Smart Closet app, you can easily see all of your options in one place – from tops and bottoms to shoes and accessories. And if you want even more outfit ideas, the community has thousands of looks that are waiting for you. You can see other people’s outfits, and you can share yours as well!

In this article, we will cover how to use Smart Closet in detail and share some tips so you can get the most out of it.

What is Smart Closet?

Smart Closet is a closet organization tool and social media platform that allows you to create a digital version of your wardrobe and find inspiration for your outfits. 

What devices is the Smart Closet app available for?

You can use Smart Closet on iOS, Android, and the web.

Download the Smart Closet app.

Go to the Smart Closet website.

How much does the Smart Closet app cost?

The Smart Closet app costs $3.99 for iOS, and it’s free for Android. 

There’s a Pro version charged as a monthly subscription, but don’t worry since you will be able to do everything in this guide using the non-pro version.

How does the Smart Closet app work?

Using the Smart Closet app is very easy and intuitive; however, there are a few things that you should know to use it to its full potential. Keep reading to find out.

Smart Closet app home screen
This is how the app’s Home looks like. You can add items, looks, and posts from here.


The first thing you should do to start enjoying the benefits of the Smart Closet app is to create a digital version of your wardrobe. You don’t have to do it all at once, but you can start adding at least your favorite pieces of clothing. 

For that, just go to the closet tab and click on “Add item.” Once you do that, you’ll see several options to choose from. Let’s go through each one of them.

Smart Closet app
If you go to the Closet tab, you’ll see “Add Item” at the top left corner.

Choose from album

The option to choose from your existing photo album is straightforward to add your items. Use this if you already have pictures of your clothing and accessories, and you just need to upload them.

Pro tip: Instead of taking pictures of your actual clothing, you can download the photos from the websites you bought them from. The product pictures on websites are professional; hence your items will look nicer in your virtual wardrobe!

Take photo

If for some reason, you don’t have access to professional photos of your clothing from a website, you can take pictures of them. Just make sure to have good lighting and select a solid background different from the clothing color; that will make it easier for the app to remove the background once you upload the photo.

Search from shop

Another option to add clothing is to search items in the app’s shop. Smart Closet has certain brands it partners with, and you can shop directly from the app and add items to your closet as well.

Search from web

Searching from the web is a practical option to get professional pictures from any retailer website. All you have to do is select the site (if it’s not on the existing list, you can add it yourself). Navigate through the site and find your desired items, then click on “Clip images,” That will open all the images available for that product; select the one you want and click “Save to Closet.”

Smart Closet app
Click on the plus sign to add a new URL.
Smart Closet app
Once on the page, on the bottom right you’ll see the “Clip images” option

Smart Closet app
Select the image you want to save in your closet.

Photo editor

Regardless of your method of choice to upload the clothing photos, you’ll see an editor that will allow you to rotate, crop, and remove the image’s background. 

Rotating and cropping are straightforward; however, removing the background might be tricky sometimes.

Pro tip: To remove the background properly, start by clicking on “Auto” to remove some part of the background. If it’s not enough, click on “Erase” and move your finger around the item. Then, click on “Auto” again and see if more background is removed. Click on “Auto” repeatedly until you see all the background is gone. If only small chunks of background are left to be removed, you can use the “Fill” tool.

Smart Closet app photo editor
If the “Auto” misses the object, erase around it.
Smart Closet app photo editor
Click on the “Auto” again.
Smart Closet app photo editor
Click on “Auto” a few more times until the background is completely removed.


The fun part comes here, it’s time to create looks with your clothing!

Smart Closet app lookbook
To add a new look, click on the “Add Look” at the top left corner.

Create collage

Choose “create collage” if you want to add your clothing manually because you already have a look in mind, for example. 

Once you choose that, you’ll see a blank canvas and the items in your closet below. Tap on any of your clothing to select it and move it to the canvas. You can move, change the size and orientation of any item. To bring an item to the front, just tap it. With the buttons above, you can remove, flip or clone objects.

Smart Closet app collage
This is how the canvas to create a collage looks. There are some options above.

Create look by rule

The option to create by rule is good if you want to mix and match clothing randomly. You just need to select from 2 to 9 categories, and the app will create some look ideas for you. If you like any of the matches, you can click it, and that will open a new canvas with those items where you can edit as you wish.

Smart Closet app random rules
Click the plus sign to add a new rule, and then select the categories you want to mix and match.
Smart Closet app outfit ideas
You’ll see a few outfit ideas based on the categories you selected!

Choose from album

If you have an outfit in your photo album, you can upload it to your lookbook using this option.

Take photo

You can also take a photo of an outfit for future reference.

Search from web

Searching from the web in the lookbook works precisely the same way as explained in the closet section. Please refer to it above.

Popular looks (social feed)

The “popular looks” is similar to Instagram, so if you’re familiar with it, this will be straightforward. You can access the popular looks right at the bottom of the Home tab.

Here you can like outfits by tapping the heart icon. If you open any of the looks, you can save it and follow the creator too.

You can post your looks by going to the lookbook tab and clicking the one you’d like to share; you’ll see the “Post” button at the top right corner. Just add a nice caption, and that’s it!

Smart Closet app social feed
This is how the feed looks like.
Smart Closet app post look
You can post a look by clicking on it and hitting “Post”.


The calendar is a super nice feature for outfit planning and is essential to have statistics about your clothing-wearing patterns. You can access the calendar by going to the More tab. 

You can click on any day and add clothing or looks. You can add as many outfits as you want on the same day. To remove something from the calendar, long-press the clothing or look, and you’ll get a prompt to delete it.

Smart Closet app calendar
Add new clothing and looks to the calendar by selecting the day and using the buttons below.
Smart Closet app calendar
To remove an item from the calendar, long-press it and click “Delete”.

It’s also possible to add things to the calendar from the closet or the lookbook tab.

There you have it! Now you’ll have all your outfits planned. 


Packing lists can make your life so much easier! And you have them available on Smart Closet as well. All you need to do is go to the More tab and click on “Packing.” Then, click on the plus sign to add a new list. Enter a title and the dates, and that’s it. Your list is created. 

Now click on the list to add looks or items. If you add looks, the app will ask if you want to add the items in those looks. Select “Add,” and there you have it, now you know what you need to pack for your upcoming trip!

Smart Closet app packing list
Create a new packing list by clicking the plus sign and filling in the details.
Smart Closet app packing list
Add new looks to it, and your items will the automatically listed.


Once you start using the app more often and planning your outfits in the calendar, you will gather helpful information from the statistics feature in the More tab. Filing all the details about your clothing is important because you will see more accurate numbers here.

Make sure to check the statistics section from time to time to become an expert on your wardrobe and optimize your cost per wear!

Is the Smart Closet app worth it?

Yes, with a closet management app like Smart Closet, you can save time and money. It’s worth the one-time activity of uploading your wardrobe because it makes dressing and shopping so much easier!

Smart Closet app alternatives

There are many existing wardrobe planning apps, but only a few of them are as advanced as Smart Closet. If you want to see an extensive list of alternatives, check out our article about the best outfit planning apps to make your life easier.

Smart Closet vs. Stylebook

One of the main differences between Stylebook and Smart Closet is that Stylebook is only available for iOS devices; meanwhile, Smart Closet can be used on iOS, Android, and the web.

The next thing to note is that Smart Closet is a social media-style app where you have a profile, post outfits, have followers, and see other people’s outfits in an Instagram-like feed. Meanwhile, Stylebook is only focused on closet management, and it excels at it!

So, if you enjoy the community aspect and sharing with like-minded people, definitely stay with Smart Closet. Otherwise, check out Stylebook if you’d like to focus on managing your own style and wardrobe.

Smart Closet vs. Cladwell

Both Cladwell and Smart Closet are available for iOS and Android devices, but Cladwell is a subscription-based app meanwhile Smart Closet requires a one-time payment.

The next thing to note is that Smart Closet is a social media-style app where you have a profile, post outfits, have followers, and see other people’s outfits in an Instagram-like feed. In Cladwell you don’t have any of that, but you can focus on improving your own style and building capsule wardrobes that work for your lifestyle.

So, if you enjoy the community aspect and sharing with like-minded people, Smart Closet is the app for you. Otherwise, it’s worth checking out Cladwell!

Final thoughts

The Smart Closet app is an excellent way to optimize the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. It’s been designed to help you create outfits for different occasions, and it also has social features which allow users to like each others’ looks to get feedback! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.