The Pureple App Essential Guide: How To Use (+ Tips and Tricks)

The Pureple App Essential Guide: How To Use (+ Tips and Tricks)

You have a closet full of clothes, but you are not sure how to style them. There are thousands of fashion bloggers and personal stylists out there who can help you with that, but they usually charge a lot of money!

Pureple is the perfect solution for those who want styling advice without sacrificing their wallet. All you need to do is take pictures of your clothes and upload them to the app. Pureple will suggest outfit combinations as well as offer suggestions from community members.

This blog post provides an in-depth review of the Pureple app and shows you how to use it to get the best out of it. Keep reading to find out!

What is Pureple?

Pureple is an outfit planner and closet organizer app that can also give you styling suggestions based on its algorithm or the friendly community of stylists around it.

How much does the Pureple app cost?

The Pureple app is free! You might see some ads the first time you use the app, but you can remove them by going to your profile and selecting “Remove ads for FREE.” 

There is a Pro version that allows you to enable backup and use Pureple on multiple devices. The price is $9.99 per month (when publishing this article). I recommend checking directly in the app for updated pricing.

What devices are the Pureple app available for?

The Pureple app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Download the Pureple app for iOS

Download the Pureple app for Android

How does the Pureple app work?

To explain how the app works, let’s break it down into its primary features.


The wardrobe section is your starting point. Once you log in to the app for the first time, it will ask you to select a few pieces of clothing from their catalog for you to get started quickly. 

For that first selection, try to choose clothes that are very similar to what you own, so you don’t have to upload every item manually. For example, a basic white T-shirt looks almost the same regardless of the brand.

To add more clothes to your virtual wardrobe, click on the plus icon at the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see three options: Wizard, Camera, and Photo Library. The Wizard will open Pureple’s catalog so that you can select any item from there. If you tap on Camera, you can take a picture of your garment. Photo Library lets you choose existing photos from your device.

Pureple app
To add more items to your wardrobe, click on the plus sign on top of the screen. Then, you’ll see few options to upload the image.

Take or upload a picture if you want the same clothing you have in your wardrobe. I suggest the second option because it’s much faster, given that you can upload several images at once and fill out the details very quickly!

Pro tip: Instead of taking pictures of your clothes, you could download the images from the websites where you purchased them. The website photos usually are professional; therefore, your items will look nicer!

After you have uploaded the photo of the garment and completed few details about it, you’re done; it has been added to your wardrobe. If you tap on any item, you’ll see that there are tons of options and tags to add to it. You can further edit the picture and even remove the background of it! Have fun filling out as many details as you can to curate your new digital closet.

Pureple app
After you upload your garment, you need to fill in some details about it. It’s super easy!
Pureple app
If you go back to your wardrobe and tap on an item, you’ll see several options.


Now it comes the fun part, creating outfits! There are several options to create outfits, which I describe below.

Pureple app
Select “Style Me” if you want Pureple to suggest outfits; otherwise, click on the plus sign to create one manually.

Style Me

The Style Me feature will create outfits for you based on the categories you select. For example, I selected tops, skirts, shoes, and bags, and Pureple suggested a few combinations with the items from my wardrobe. You can swipe through the suggestions and if you like any of them, tap “Save” to add them to your outfits.

Pureple app outfits
This image shows one example of an outfit put together by Pureple based on my wardrobe.
Pureple app outfits
Here you can see another example.

Create manually

You can let your creativity flourish by creating your outfits manually. Tap the plus sign at the top corner of the screen, and an empty canvas will appear. You’ll see your closet items at the bottom. Select any of them to add them to the canvas. Once in the canvas, you can resize the items and move them around. When you’re happy with the results, tap “Done,” and the outfit will be saved. You can then edit it, share it, tag it, etc.

Pureple app outfits
I was able to create this outfit manually quickly. It was fun!
Pureple app outfits
When you finish creating the outfit, you’ll see these options.

Ask Pureple community to design an outfit for you.

If you want others to look at your wardrobe and create styles for you, you can ask in the community tab; tap “Style Me.” I did that, and a few hours later, I had some outfits created just for me. How cool is that?

In the community tab, you will see the “Style Me” option that you can tap to ask others to style you!.
The outfits created by the community for you appear on your “Created By Community” section.


The community is one of the main differentiating factors in Pureple over other similar apps. It’s fantastic that you can make style suggestions for members, and they’ll do the same back at you!

Pureple is unique because it offers a community where you can provide feedback and style suggestions for other members; this is the chance to improve others’ looks while also benefiting from their input.

This section is crafted with a similar style to Instagram. There’s a feed where you can see the looks others have created, and you can like them. You can also follow people and get followers. 

At the top level, you have some buttons to check your followers, look for someone or send them a message.

Pureple app outfits
This image shows how the community feed looks like.

My Profile

In your profile, you’ll be able to see more tools. You can see your messages, a calendar feature to add clothing to specific days, check your insights, and create packing lists. Below that, you have different settings for your account.

Features such as calendars and insights are exciting because you can learn about your wardrobe by tracking your data. If you want to make the most out of Pureple, I suggest you use all the tools so you become more confident over time when it comes to your style.

Pureple app outfits
This image shows how “My Profile” looks like. Here you can find the extra tools I mentioned above.

Is Pureple worth it?

Giving Pureple a try is worth it! You don’t have to pay anything, and if you enjoy the app after trying it for some time, consider upgrading. The features are free, but ads will pop up occasionally (even when they’re “deleted” from your profile page), which can get annoying over all that smoothness.

Pureple app alternatives

With so many existing apps for planning your wardrobe, it can be challenging to find the perfect one. However, Pureple has an edge with their community aspect and can connect you with like-minded individuals who have similar interests as yours in clothing design or style trends.

The best alternatives might be Stylebook and Cladwell. If you want to see a more extensive list of other options, check out our list of the best outfit planning apps.

Final thoughts

Pureple is trying to make your life easier by helping you style outfits. As a virtual closet management app, it takes all the guesswork from your day-to-day clothing decisions, so you always look great! Plus, if you have any questions about what an item looks like or how it would work with other pieces in your wardrobe, there are people in the community who can help. And best yet? It’s free for everyone! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.